Net Zero Carbon

The Biomass fuelled C.H.P. systems manufactured and supported by Biogen Systems are designed to make a material contribution to our customers Net Zero programmes. This is delivered by the following:

  1. Displacement of fossil fuels by the use of locally sourced sustainable Bio-diverse Biomass supplemented where possible with waste biomass.
  2. Carbon Sequestration with Drawdown of Carbon via the production of Biochar.
  3. Carbon Auditing against ISO14067 to understand and drive down embedded Carbon within the Manufacturing and Operational Life Cycles.
  4. Optional Application of the Life Cycle Cost of Carbon to commercial proposals. Note Sales proposals include for the costs of Carbon Offsetting of all estimated embedded Carbon from the Design, Sales, Manufacturing and Delivery process.
  5. Offsetting of residual Carbon via accredited carbon offsets within the UK and Developing World. Biogen Systems currently offset carbon Scope 1 to 3 emissions (excluding operational carbon) via
    • UK: Gentle Farming Limited
    • Developing World: Climate+Care

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