Biogen's First Thoughts after Attempting a Carbon Footprint

“Lies, Damned Lies and Scopes 1,2 & 3 Carbon Footprints” by Julian Ackerley . August 2021


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I have made a first attempt at estimating Biogen’s Carbon Footprint and

New Service Vehicles to Boost Service Capability

Biogen Systems have just invested in improved Service vehicles for supporting UK customers and our in field systems development programme .

Biogen Systems Staff support Sister Company’s Expansion

Biogens sister Company Entrenco GmbH are expanding the Group’s Research & Development Capabilities at their Centre in Eching in Bavaria.

Biogen Systems Expand Product Range

Biogen Systems expands its product range .
Our sister company Entrenco have recently acquired Bioenergie Wegscheid GmbH

Biogen Systems Simplify System Maintenance

Biogen have introduced “Plug and Play” connections to reduce the time required to swop out components and instruments requiring cleaning, repair or refurbishment.

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