some shop floor innovation took a hand. James Coleman, Paul Raven and Rob Issacs decided to cut down a well-known soft drinks company 250 ml bottle and use the top and neck as a nozzle. The first prototype halved the amount of sealant used and dropped the time by 65%.

Rob then programmed Pauls 3D printer to make the Mark II with a profiled nozzle to further reduce both time and sealant used. The innovation will save Biogen over £5,000 per year . The team are now planning the Mark III which will have a disposable “insert” to enable the nozzles to be reused. The accompanying video which tells the story was produced by James “Spielberg” Coleman with cinematography by Rob and Paul !

All in all, a great piece of innovation and one that makes me proud of the Manufacturing Team we are building at Biogen. As it says in the video , “Quicker, Neater, Cheaper and Greener” which is not a bad strap line for any business on its Journey to Net Zero.

For more details and to discuss how our Biomass CHP systems might assist your businesses journey to Net Zero contact Julian Ackerley on 07548881934 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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