The record was that of the lowest carbon footprint per mile by a Biomass Gasification CHP system whilst moving around the UK, when for the first time we moved 2 @Wegsheid Entrenco systems for export from our Chester base to the @Port of Southampton by rail. Working with our shipping partner @inexpress, Railfreight and Great Western Railway we estimate the journey had a carbon footprint of approximately 115 Kgs of CO2, the conventional road footprint being approximately 429Kgs of CO2 (or 210kgs per system), 373% higher or put another way, a reduction of  73 % when shipping by rail  . The switch to rail next year has the potential to reduce our Carbon Footprint by 1.44 tonnes.

The containers left the UK in the last days of 2022 on the @HMM HANBADA enroute to Kobe in Japan via Singapore. The HANBADA entered service in 2021 and is a 161,000 d.w.t., state of the art Container ship with a consequently lower carbon footprint relative to the industry average.

Unfortunately getting a container to the Far East by ship has a somewhat larger footprint than a trip from Chester to Southampton! and we estimate this at 1.46 t per system, however the switch to rail still achieves a 9.5% overall reduction on the journey footprint from the @University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park Chester to Kobe and it is via such small steps that we will move our business to beyond Net Zero and achieve Carbon Drawdown.

For more details and to discuss how our Biomass CHP systems might assist your businesses journey to Net Zero contact Julian Ackerley on 07548881934 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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