When initially we first discuss a potential clients requirements we aim to establish the following

1. What are your current and medium term energy requirements ie the mix, amount and seasonality
2. What are the available renewable energy tariffs/subsidies, environmental taxes and capital allowances/incentives
3. The internal investment returns required and hurdle rates
4. The infrastructure and resources of staff and equipment currently on your site.
5. The site context i.e. space, neighbours and any air quality issues

This forms Phase 1 of a typical project.

From the above we will provide an initial assessment of whether the project has potential for our systems and which feedstocks are appropriate and economically viable.

If suitable for further development, we will look to agree an initial MOU (Phase 2) that will define

• Project Economics
• Environmental Outputs
• Design Brief

If acceptable to both parties then Biogen Systems will commence Phase 3 the preparation of

• a detailed process design
• a commercial proposal.
• Sustainability report

These will be included within a draft contract based on the Institution of Chemical Engineers Red Book template.

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